What is your say or mentality about POB?

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I have seen many people talk and say a lot of thing about POB, just because the price is not encouraging right now and yes POB is going through worse right now and I'm asking, is this the reason for you to turn away from POB community?

I got to read a post from one of the active member of this community @Shepz1. he made a post that got my attention which you can read here
After going through this post I was so motivated to do more in the community and hold on for long to acquire more POB in the community. I got to learn what investment is and according to @shepz1 post he made an investment plan for the future which will certainly happen and this is also what I've learn from @onealfa.pob too.

What we all have to know is, it is not about giving up and selling POB immediately we earn it due to fear in price fall. While not take a look at it the other way round, See POB as an Investment opportunity to purchase now as many as you can because the time of profit is close.

I've already gotten my Hive ready for purchase once it get to the price level I want. The question is what's your plan in the community?
Is it to rip every little profit you gain or invest, stake and help the community to grow.

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The Best option is to invest POB and also stake POB so that your reward can be diversify

The mentality is stake some POB for the future and curate good contents. Building my stake little by little. Also not a bad one taking profit along the way just like every investment

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I understand what you're saying, for we to hold on to the community staking have to be involved, ripping profit alone drain the community.

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I am just an investor, it is for my daughter. I do not need or want more money. That is my stance.

I can see that clearly sir...POB Worth the investment.

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Honestly, I have a lot of faith in POB. But at the same time, I also think that it requires some good development on its front to take it higher. Good engagement and quality content and may be investors will be able to push it only uptil a certain level, beyond that, it's the usability which is going to drive its way.

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You're right about that, I have faith in POB too and I know it's use case will increase soon. We are the once to help the community and price grow...POB need all support right, it needs our stake and purchases.

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