#BloggingChallenge Part 2 // Day 14 // Which Languages Do You Speak?

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Today I will be talking about what languages I speak. This will probably be a short one haha.

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I live in the United States. If you have ever interacted with someone from the U.S. then you know that most of us only speak English fluently. A few people can speak two languages, and three or more is unheard of.
Unfortunately I fall into the only speaking English category. Most schools here teach Spanish, or French, but not by native speakers, and it isn’t emphasized as being very important. I wish I knew a few other languages now, and I have attempted to learn a few, but it is really difficult to do as an adult.
I think being bilingual is a really important skill, especially in a world where people from almost anywhere can interact with each other seamlessly over the internet. It’s a skill that I’m planning to really emphasize in my children.
I plan to continue trying to learn other languages myself as well. I don’t think I’ll ever be fluent in anything other then English, but I would like to at least be able to ask for help if I’m ever visiting another country.

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Language is a powerful skill, and something you should be proud of if you are able to use it. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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