#BloggingChallenge Part 2 // Day 15 // Most Difficult Language To Learn?

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Yesterday I talked about what languages I know. Today I'll be going over what language I think is the most difficult to learn. I have been enjoying these duel prompts recently they are a lot of fun.

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I only know English, and I mentioned yesterday that I have tried a few different times over the years to learn other languages. There is one in particular that stands out to me as the most difficult I have tried.

By far the most difficult language I have tried to learn is Chinese. Learning languages has never been something I am good at, but even if I was, I think this one would still be a challenge. Here are the main reasons why.

  1. English and Chinese are totally different in form. Most languages share common letters, and symbols with other languages from the same root. English and Chinese have different roots, and their for share zero similarities in their characters. As far as I know anyways.
  2. Characters as words. From my understanding, in Chinese there are symbols that by themselves mean an entire word. There isn't anything like that in English. Everything is spelled out using phonetic letters.
  3. Writing direction. Chinese was originally written from right to left, but then later on switched to from left to right. English is from left to write, so I don’t think this one would be as tough as the other two, but it could lead to some confusion if you ran across something older.

In the end I think any language is learnable with enough time and effort, but Chinese would be the most difficult to learn in my opinion.

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Thanks for reading my post. If you know of any other languages that are difficult to learn I would be interested in hearing about them. I have heard English is tough to learn later in life.


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