#BloggingChallenge Part 2 // Day 7 // What Is Your Usual Diet Like?

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Today I’ll be going over what my usual diet looks like. I’ll also throw in a bit about my normal workout routine since this one is about health.

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I eat a pretty simple diet. I love pasta and bread, but I do my best to eat them in moderation. My daily routine usually looks like this.


I start each day with a bowl of cereal. This is usually Wheaties, but I like to try new cereals, so sometimes I’ll switch it out for something I’ve never had before. My other go to is Honey Bunches of Oats With Almonds. I usually stick with 1% or 2% milk to make things a little healthier.


Between breakfast and lunch, I will usually eat a piece of homemade sourdough bread. I have a bread maker, and a starter, so I make bread every week. Depending on what season it is I’ll eat a Granny Smith Apple instead of bread.


I eat a light lunch. Usually some Greek yogurt, and a granola bar, and some pretzels.


Between lunch and dinner, I eat another slice of bread. This time I heat it up a little and add peanut butter to it. I try to buy peanut butter that doesn’t have a bunch of extra stuff added to it to make things a bit healthier. This gets me through the rest of the day.


Dinner differs a lot from day today. My wife and I enjoy cooking together and have built up a large variety of dishes. Some of our go-to dishes right now are; hibachi fried rice, spaghetti, blackened chicken, and jambalaya.


Along with my daily diet, I also try to exercise regularly. I’ll usually work out in the morning three times a week, and I try to get in steps throughout the day at work. As long as my sweet tooth doesn’t get the better of me I am able to stay in reasonably good shape.

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As always thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed it!

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